Devotion – Proverbs 5

S – Let your fountain be blessed, and take pleasure in the wife of your youth. 

Proverbs 5:18 CSB

O – “Fountain” – mâqôr,  s source :— fountain, issue, spring, well (-spring).

 “Blessed”bârak, to kneel;  impl. to bless God (as an act of adoration), and (vice-versa) man (as a benefit); 

  “Pleasure”– sâmach, to brighten up, i.e. (fig.) be (caus. make) blithe or gleesome:— cheer up, be (make) glad, (have, make) joy (-ful), be (make) merry, (cause to, make to) rejoice, × very

The New Strong’s Dictionary of Hebrew and Greek Words 

A – It can be taken two ways.  The source of my physical relationship is my marriage or my relationship with my source, which is God.  It is an act of adoration and reverence to God when I turn to my spouse for pleasure.  This chapter focuses on physical and sexual expression.  It can go further in our relationship, helping each other grow, empowerment and friendship.  Jesus chose marriage as his image of the relationship between his believers and Him.  

R – Lord, let me honor you by loving Kristin with all that have physically, emotionally and spiritually.