Devotion – Proverbs 19

S – The one who acquires good sense loves himself; one who safeguards understanding finds success

 Proverbs 19:8 CSB

O – Commentary:  Wisdom translates lēḇ (lit., “heart”) which here means “sense” (rendered “understanding” in 15:32). Living sensibly shows that a person loves his … soul. This does not refer to vanity or narcissism but to genuine concern for one’s destiny. Cherishes is literally, “keeps, guards, or preserves” (cf. 19:16). To keep watch over one’s understanding results in benefits to one’s soul (8:35–36); he prospers (cf. 16:20) spiritually and emotionally (as well as materially).

“Proverbs,” in The Bible Knowledge Commentary: An Exposition of the Scriptures,

A – I like the commentary on this.  It isn’t just applied knowledge.  It connects to your heart and soul.  It confirms the interweaving connection of mind, soul and body.

R – Lord, help me to be wise and have common sense.  And let it bring all the benefits to my soul, mind and body.