Devotion – Mark 16

S – But go, tell his disciples and Peter, ‘He is going ahead of you to Galilee; you will see him there just as he told you.’ ” 

Mark 16:7 CSB

O – In many sermons, it is noted “and Peter.”  The principle shared is that Peter is singled out because he denied Christ three times.  The message of forgiveness and inclusion when sin and denial mean to bring isolation and judgment.

A – If Jesus can forgive denial by one of his closest friends at a horrific time, can’t we forgive as well?  Jesus continues to model for us the power of forgiveness.  It has to be extended and accepted for it to be effective.  Graciously, we only have to do one of the two parts.  But both people need to do their part for it to work.  If Jesus or Peter don’t do their part, where would the new church be?

R – Lord, help me to forgive quickly today.  I am a sinner and have no right to hold someone else in judgment.  I have been forgiven…I must forgive others.