Devotion – Romans 2

S – For there is no favoritism with God. 

Romans 2:11 CSB

O – “Favoritism” – prŏsōpŏlēpsiapartiality, i.e. favoritism:— respect of persons.

 The New Strong’s Dictionary of Hebrew and Greek Words 

God does not have favorites.  He loves each person equally.  Those who accept Christ as Lord and Savior and pursue His truth and righteousness will find favor with Him.  No distinction (race, gender, gift, talent, etc) we make as humans will change that.

A – If God doesn’t view us any differently than others, why do we?  Everybody has value and a story.  We can value each other, even if we disagree on principles.

R – Lord, help me to work on myself first today.  Out of that, let me value others in my journey.