A New Whiteboard

It begins...

“What would you do if you had a blank whiteboard and you…?”

That is one of my favorite questions to ask a person. So many times, you feel like you are imprisoned by the situation, people or even the culture of your world. Whether it is taking on a new responsibility or role, it always brings a fresh perspective when you takes it down to the bare essentials. It causes you to clarify what is most important. It forces you to develop a strategy to bring those pieces into play and even how they will work together.

“But, what if I can’t change the situation as it is?”

Great question! The answer is “you already have!” When you begin to think from a different perspective, you actually already changed the dynamic of the situation. Stay there a while – you will be surprised to see all the new ideas that will begin to flood your approach. Creativity has to be fostered. It will stagnate if you stay in the same mind set. By changing it up, you are inviting a thought process like never before.

It is January 1, 2011 (aka 1/1/11)! So let me ask you a question about you. In your life, “What would you do if you had a blank whiteboard and you…?”

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