With Everything

Have you given God "Everything?"

There is a song put out by Hillsong United that is burrowing into my walk with God these days. “With Everything” is an amazing song that starts slow and ends with a crescendo of praise and worship that rockets a worshipper to the presence of God.

It has great lyrics throughout the song but there is one line that is jumping out to me. “So let hope rise, darkness trembles in your Holy Light.” For some reason, this line is what God is ringing out in my heart. Before God came into the picture, there was no hope other than what I could make happen with my own gifts and talents. With God, all things are now possible because He is all knowing, all powerful and all present. 2010 was a tremendously difficult year with challenges and growth. I know I have grown in my relationship with God because where there wasn’t a whole lot of answers – there was hope. When answers did come, I can see His hand moving in hindsight. In other situations, hope continues to well up that God will show up in a big way.

The other part that jumps out is that “darkness trembles” in the present of an amazing God. No matter how bleak a situation is, I can believe that God can do something in it. I find myself saying the famous line from “Dumb and Dumber” – “So you are saying there’s a chance!” God gives me a chance when everything else says, “No way!”

Finally, I am writing this after riding 20 miles, an hour of lifting and an hour of tennis. When I got home, I felt totally spent physically. I gave as much as I could during all three legs of my workout. But did I give everything? If needed, I could do more. I think that is what God is showing me these days – there is more I can give, there is more to do. I actually commented to my tennis partner – “I love the feeling of being drained physically, it tells me that I worked hard.” I want that in my spiritual walk. I want to impact the people and world that God gives me with the very best that I have (and all that I have, as well.)

What is it like to lay it all on the line for God…are you ready to give Him everything?

As a bonus, this is our IO band singing this amazing song.

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