Back to Work

I was the kid who wanted to go back to school after a Christmas holiday.

People scoffed then…you are probably scoffing now.

I understand that most people will verbalize how they dread getting back into a new year of work or schooling. I relish it. I thoroughly enjoyed my time off – spent lots of time with family, doing things around the house, reading and playing. But there always is a “draw” back to the part of my life that challenges me. I find that in my work.

Let me ramble off a couple of reason’s why. I like the structure it brings. It causes me to get into a routine time of waking up, spending time with God, exercising and doing things to accomplish goals. I want to do something. I have noticed on days where I just sit around, I get headaches and feel terrible. When I get moving, I don’t feel like a fish. I truly like interacting with the people I work with each day. I am so blessed that I get to work with a staff of people who are hungry to see God’s work done in the Tampa area and abroad. They work tremendously hard each day and it is humbling to work along with them. I love making an impact in my world. I am blessed that my work goes beyond writing a report or creating something for purchase. I get to help people get to know Christ – my work has eternal value. Finally, I love what I do. I have always held the axiom – “The time it is no longer fun to go to work is the time to stop.” Now, there are many days where I don’t “skip off” or come home “whistling Zippity do Da.” Work is still work. However, I love the vision and people of Grace. I still get charged seeing how the God, who created the heavens and the earth, interacts with people. Amazing!

Going back to work today? Go get ’em!

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