A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Vacation Days

I am writing this entry as I begin the day before Thanksgiving.  I am taking a vacation day to go up to Orlando and play golf with my father in law.  The rest of the family will come in later this afternoon. (This is good – with adult children, I am learning that a couple of vehicles is essential to getting everyone around.)  I was thinking this morning, what makes for a good vacation day from the pastoral perspective.  I gave myself a 5 minute time limit and here is what I came up with randomly.

1.  No phone calls about church business.

2.  Emergency calls are part of being a pastor and are ok.

3.  No major decisions need to be made today.

4.  If I am on vacation, then someone who isn’t on vacation can handle the details.  I believe in you that much and you can do it. I would do the same for you.

5.  It is nice to not be the responsible for the group for a change.

6.  I love being with my wife and children.

7.  A few days away allows me to get a different perspective on so many things.

8.  I don’t need much rest but whatever I get, I appreciate it.

9.  I do miss the church and the people when I am not there – it really is an amazing place.

10.  Did I mention no phone calls about church business?

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am thankful that I get to do a job/ ministry I love with all my heart with people who are so gifted and talented.  You make the ministry a journey worth taking every day.

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