A Day in the Life of a Pastor – I’m Riding in a Car


The day before Thanksgiving…and this is my view from the backseat of my son’s element.  Next to me is luggage, a road bike, a set of golf clubs and our little dog, Lizzie, snoring away next to a backpack.  Little did I know how amazing this little ride to O-Town was going to be.

As we drove, we began to talk about Casey and Katy’s upcoming wedding.  We discussed premarital counseling and they had some ideas about a particular person doing it.  It was fascinating to hear of their desire to have someone who they both felt comfortable with, full of wisdom and one they would both want to have as a resource after they had begun their marriage journey.  I was impressed.  They answered every question before I could even ask it.  They even said they wanted someone who would challenge them and not just give the “comfortable” answer.  I have been in ministry for 24 years – I wish more couples had that approach to marriage.

Then, Katy turned and asked me a powerful question.  She asked, “We have been trying to think of new things to discuss about us before we get married so they don’t surprise us when we are married?”  I was pretty amazed.  This is maturity, wisdom and a desire to grow all rolled into one question.  For the rest of the ride up we talked about topics in communication, finance, intimacy, expectations.  It was so rich for me personally because it really was a great journey for me to reflect on the growth that Kristin and I have seen over our 25 years of marriage.  And then to be able to pass that along or already see that in these two was so humbling and rewarding at the same time.  I realized at the end that I am still growing in so many areas of marriage and life.  I am so grateful that I get to do that with Kristin, she is the best!  I am excited for Casey and Katy because they are leaning into growing together and giving each other the opportunity to fail and succeed.

And to think that Lizzie slept the whole way…silly dog!

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