A Day in the Life of a Pastor – The Girl Behind the Scenes

Have you ever had a moment where your breath caught from watching someone serve unnoticed? (I know, if they are unnoticed, how do you notice them? Just go with me for a moment.)

Friday night, I attended Tampa’s National Day of Prayer at Legends Field.  The event was overseen and led by a couple who really have a heart for Tampa and the evangelistic approach to continue to bring Christ to this city.  It was pretty special to see so many people from GFC’s tech and worship band involved.  I am always so proud of our people and when they use their gifts to reach the community, it gets even bigger.  Casey and Katy led the worship team in a great time of entering into the presence of God.  The fact that it was in an open, baseball arena, made it even more special.  It is always humbling to see them use their gifts and a number of friends were gracious in taking time to share with us their love for them both.

In that whole back drop, let me tell you what blessed me the most.  Abby served at the event.  In fact, she served with a group of volunteers of diverse ethnicities and immediately became friends with some of them.  She served the pastors who were praying and speaking.  She ran and got water, she continued to walk around with peppermint candies the whole event, and even was the gatekeeper a few times.  I know, I watched from four rows behind her section.  And I shed a tear.  I don’t expect a speaker or a leader to stop and say a few words or even recognize her actions…they are focused on what they need to say.  None one came up to me and said how proud they were of her for serving.  I have been in ministry for 25 years and more of them have been spent in the back of the room, not on the stage.  I firmly believe that the people off the stage are just as important as the one on it.

For me, it fuels me in a big way.  It compels me to say “thank you” to any volunteer at GFC.  I don’t catch all of them on a weekend, but I strive to find someone serving and just say “thank you for giving of your time and energy when you could have done something for yourself.”

Abby never stopped smiling, never stopped looking for the next thing to do, never stopped putting others in front of herself.

Lesson learned…with a tear.



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