A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Impact Player


Travis Hafner, the slugger for the Cleveland Indians, was truly an impact player. When he stepped to the plate, pitchers knew he could hit a home run off them. He is tremendously strong, big and has a menacing glare…he can literally cause you to take a step back. Over a year ago, he took on another role…he became family.

Not literally…but in many ways, he, Amy and the boys joined our family in a special way. They asked our daughter, Abby, to be their nanny for his season with the Yankees. Travis and I connected pretty quickly – almost like two brothers who challenged and spoke into each other’s lives. I am amazed how this happened in such a short time.

Having just spent a few days with the Hafners in Cleveland, I am grateful for the “Impact Players” in my life. These are men and women who add to my life in many ways. Some have tremendous wisdom, experience, and common sense that give me a great foundation for looking at life with balance and perspective. Others cause me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. There are people who make me think because in observing them, they are maximizing their gifts and talents and it is invigorating to watch them live at the highest level. Finally, joy and laughter characterize the last group – I need them in my life to remind me not to take life so seriously.

Are you an impact player? Whatever role it is, are you causing people to take the next step in their growth. On this trip to Cleveland, I learned how to swing a bat like a Major Leaguer, I got refreshed physically and mentally and I want to know Jesus more. Now, that’s an impact!

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