A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Wedding Day!


Today is another wedding day in the Bonham house! We have been blessed to have my niece, Chloe, live with us for four years and today she is marrying Ian. It has been an amazing time watching her grow from a high school graduate into a great young lady. This is her day and we are so happy for them both.

Having been in ministry for over 24 years, I have done a lot of weddings. Each one is unique and I can honestly say, I have enjoyed them all. I have done weddings at farms, the beach, churches, courtyards and even homes. Brides and grooms have come formal, casual, younger, older, and even a special one in a wheelchair. There have been some huge family gatherings and some where people have come with just each other to remember the day. They have been in all times of the day, used different languages and one even made it onto Spanish MTV. (Yep, I made it onto MTV before my children did.)

Here are some random thoughts about some of the weddings.

~ Special moment watching a father walk his daughter down the aisle. (Done it myself, it is humbling, emotional and the lifetime of moments before it doesn’t make it any easier.)

~ Long speeches in any venue – do not work. Less is more. Say it and let it stand.

~ Alcohol at a wedding is usually a great contributor to something you didn’t want to happen on the special day.

~ Remind the wedding party to smile the whole time they are on stage. It is a happy event and they should reflect that.

~ I will never forget watching the first dance of the couple where the bride was in a wheel chair. I wept openly and proudly during the song. Still remember it today.

~ A good wedding coordinator is worth every bit you pay her or him. Give a little more than expected -they deserve it.

~ I always tell the couple this one thing before the wedding…”If anything happens during the wedding that is unplanned for, look at me. I will make sure we get through it.”

~ I ask the bride when I arrive that day, “Are you sure you want to still do this?” They always smile and say “yes!”

~ The last words I say before I go out with the groom and groomsman into the ceremony. “Check your flies, check your ties, smile and let’s have fun out there!”

~ Before you “decorate” the get away car, make sure you have the right one.

~ Finally, I have been asked many times about why I do not do my own children’s weddings. The answer is simple…I am their dad. I want to enjoy the whole celebration as their dad and not as a pastor.

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