A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Golf: A Two Year Journey

photo 10.59.30 AM


I took up the game of golf two years ago. I played all my life and never took a lesson…which was quite apparent. After much persuasion by my boss who shoots a single digit handicap, I bought in and joined the ranks of an earnest golfer. I took six lessons, bought golf clothes and began hitting the practice range. I have learned some great nuggets in my life…here you go.


  • You can miss it by an inch and the results are a mile.


  • Yes! The quality of your clubs does make a difference.


  • When you are in the “zone” – be grateful. You are one swing away from being “out of the zone.”


  • You will never get better if you don’t follow the rules of scoring.


  • If you think you have integrity, hit a ball out-of-bounds by three feet and sink your approach shot from 60 yards out. How you score it will let you know.


  • You really can build great relationships on the golf course if you can laugh at yourself first, others second.


  • God doesn’t answer a prayer about my golf game. He did answer all my prayers about humility.


  • I have learned to enjoy the beauty of a golf course – built to challenge physically and mentally. Yet, dawn in serenity is still jaw dropping amazing!


  • I rarely bring my phone with me…the clubhouse can find me.


  • Bring snacks! As many times as I swing a club, I need sustenance…lots of sustenance.


  • I call my wife on the way home…thankful for the opportunity to play, conquer, be humbled and be reminded that she loves me even when I am beaten.


  • Humility comes when you are the fourth best player in the foursome.


  • Scariest moment is teeing off on #1 and the group behind you pulls up to watch.


  • “Golf is a game that is meant to be played…not to be won.” Baggar Vance, The Legend of Baggar Vance.






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