A Day in the Life of a Pastor – In the Last 30 Days



So, you want to know what a pastor goes through in the last thirty days? I will share some of the highs and lows in my own life. (Just to give some context – not included in this list is having my niece who lived with us for four years get married and a vacation trip out west only a few weeks before all of this. All of this happened in the thirty days that followed.)

  • Lead the GFC First Step Class
  • Lead a Two Day GFC Directional Team Retreat to plan for 2015
  • Lead my Men’s Bible study group four times
  • Participated in a national Executive Pastor Video Call
  • GFC opened the Dream Center
  • Found out personal friend committed suicide
  • GFC kicked off the Mid Week Bible study with 575 people showing up.
  • Reached new strength goal in workouts
  • Found out my sister has a brain tumor
  • GFC Small Group Expo Week – Kristin has Beautiful
  • Began implementation of 2015 Plan
  • My Mom celebrated her birthday
  • My Pastor came back from his 90 day sabbatical
  • I celebrated my 47th birthday with my wife and family.
  • Flew to Nashville for my sister’s surgery.
  • Flew back to Tampa in time for friend’s Memorial service.
  • Had first service with P. Craig back in service
  • Taught at Married Life on Communication and Expectations.

As you can see, it has been an amazing roller coaster ride the last thirty days.  And now it is your turn, look over the last thirty days and see all the life events you have encountered.  Some were great wins and others where heart felt challenges.  Now, comes the tough question (you knew it was coming).

How do you live your life in an ever changing world?  

I have so much going on in my life that I have to learn how to navigate all events and interruptions.  How people do this without God is beyond my desire or comprehension.  Beyond my intellect, skills and talents, I have to face each of these with feelings, emotions and attitude.  Meshing the emotional world and tangible world can be messy, even when it is a positive event.  God gives me the foundation and confidence that He has this in His plan for me.  I didn’t give my life to Christ because He needed me…I definitely needed Him.

I looked at the month coming up…oh boy!

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