A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Got Wisdom?

wisdom sign

In visiting a wonderful church this weekend to give them feedback on their services, I listened to the pastor’s message.  His bottom line was to “get wisdom.”  It got me thinking of all the different ways we can do that today.  With the internet, I can get so much information on places, things, and people.  I love the “How to” websites – I seem to use those videos a lot.  The pastor referenced books, Youtube videos, TED and of course, the Bible.  As a huge Proverbs fan, it was a great message.

Another aspect he touched on was going to other people to seek their wisdom.  This is the part of the “treasure hunt” that I enjoy the most.  I have found that human wisdom comes in all ages, stages of life and intellect.  I find that almost every conversation I have these days makes me wiser.  It comes down to an attitude that says, “I want to learn more.”  You will have to lower your pride in being the expert in an area to realize that the other person has something to teach you.  You have to listen more than you speak.  And finally, you have to acknowledge that you have not arrived.

Over the years, I have gained wisdom from so many people.  Capt. Yates was a retired Air Force pilot I met in while doing an assignment in middle school that required talking with a military veteran.  I learned to appreciate anyone who serves in the military, fire or police forces.  Pop was my grandfather who retired from working at Boston Gear and then went back to Harvard. He taught me to always ask questions. All my children teach me about this ever-changing world – culture, music and tech.  Bill Morris teaches me how to excel in work and life.  My dad teaches me common sense.  Kristin teaches me about loving God and loving people every day.  So many more I could list that mentor and pour into my life.  And then there is the daily dose of people who intersect my life.  I learn so much every day.  Some wisdom is fun, some tough, some challenging and some sweet.  It is all wisdom, if you look at it as growth forward.

“For wisdom is far more valuable than rubies. Nothing you desire can compare with it.”  Prov. 8:11 NLT


Are you seeking wisdom today?


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