A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Confidence/ Humility


As I stood in front of the GFC interns recently, I realized I was about to make a very arrogant statement. So, I lowered my voice, leaned into the podium, announced that I was going to make a very arrogant statement, and said these words…“There is no one in this world who is more gifted, talented and able to do the things that only I have been called to do.” They all leaned back as I pushed out the words. Then, they leaned in again. I then told them I was going to make a very humbling statement and said these words, “At the same time, I am accountable to maximize and impact these things that I have been called to do using those same gift, talents and abilities.” That principle of accountability brings soberness to how I lead. As I walked back to my office with my assistant, Tanisha, she said, “That is a great challenge to write a blog about – the balance of confidence and humility.” This one is in honor of Tanisha.

I have been chewing on these two statements for a while. As a leader, you have to walk in confidence that you are called to lead in that position. In my case, even with a leader over me, I am expected to lead up to him, down to those underneath me and out to the congregation of GFC. (These 3 things will be covered in another post soon). Can you walk in confidence and still be a christian leader because God doesnt’ want us to be arrogant? I believe the answer is “yes.” Here is a kicker…look up the phrase “self confident” in your bible. It usually isn’t found in the bible and if it is in some translations, it isn’t a positive thing. Yet, looking at leaders throughout the Bible, you see them confident as they led their people into war, out of Egypt, into God’s provision, and when they stood tall when others cowered. The key is that they were confident in God to be with them and in their God given abilities, talents and giftings to follow the Lord’s direction. So be confident today! You are the best you to do all that God has called you to do!

I once asked my friend Bill, how do you walk in confidence and not arrogance? He answered it this way – “All day long, you tell yourself how talented and gifted you are. You remind yourself that you are smart and wise. You reinforce how you were called at this moment to lead.” Then Bill smiled and said, “And you do this without ever opening your mouth.” The moment we tell someone how good we are, we run the risk of coming across arrogant. I have used that principle as a measuring stick since that conversation. If I have to tell someone I am talented, gifted or even the leader, then I haven’t done a good job of personifying those qualities in my daily life.

Along with you, I want to walk in confidence and humility today. Believe in all that God created you to be and go do what you are called to do. Smile big…and you never have to say a word.

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