A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Shout Out Sunday!


It is time for Shout Out Sunday. This post is random people who have made more than a random impact on me this past few weeks.

Mike Ash. Mike is the Executive Pastor at Next Level Church in Fort Meyers. He is turning thirty four and gives me great confidence that leaders like him will carry the vision of the local church into the future. He is a leader at a high level who really walks in humility in caring for others. His ability to engage people and draw them into community is amazing. I learn a lot watching him leverage his talents.

Austin. I don’t know Austin’s last name but he left an impression on me while I was at a coaching event I helped lead. Austin was given the volunteer responsibility of maintaining the men’s room during the conference. I asked him how he felt about that and he smiled and said, “I am here to serve. If this makes for a better conference for the men, I will do it.” I hope I see him again one day…he will probably be in charge. What a heart!

Daryl Strickland. Daryl happens to be Austin’s pastor but he is another young Executive Pastor who is changing worlds around him. He is one of the smartest, on the cutting edge guys in church world. I always can get the latest on tech and innovation from Daryl. Here is what truly is so cool about him. He has the biggest heart to serve and empower others to serve. At this conference, the serving model was off the chart. I know he had a direct impact on honoring and valuing each one of those leaders and volunteers. He changes people’s view of themselves daily.

Hunter White. (Mr. President) I always seem to have a young person who impacts me. Hunter is that guy. Ironically, I have known him since he was two. We used to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches together when his mom would then volunteer at the church. Hunter is a gifted athlete, Student Body President (hence the nickname), and one of the most faithful volunteers in our preschool ministry. He gets the big picture and uses his influence to help others. It is rare to see someone at his age do that and I am one of his biggest fans.

Gil Baile. If you don’t know Gil, you should. As most people are settling down to rest after a life of working and raising a family, Gil is gearing up. God has put Haiti on his heart and he has been in overdrive for the last three years. He is full of rich wisdom and no-nonsense that he speaks the truth. But if you get him talking about Haiti, watch out. The heart and tears open up. He is changing lives when others are about resting…great role model.

There you go…Shout out Sunday!

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