A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Chik Fil A Excellence


I spent a lunch with my friend, Jason Dittman. It is always a great experience because he owns a Chik Fil A. I know you are thinking nuggets and waffle fries. (In my case, salad and grilled chicken.) I enjoy the food – always great…but if you want to see excellence, head to Waters Avenue and ask for the tour.

Jason and his wife, Jodi, just opened up this location after having their existing building torn down and rebuilt. After a long construction process, they reopened the store in mid November. Business has been booming, they are rebuilding their staff and getting acclimated to a new facility. After a chat, Jason asked, “Do you want to take a tour?” Of course I do. We went through the door, I was offered a tour lanyard and a cool server’s paper hat. We didn’t go three steps before we stopped at three large boards that stated the store’s Core Values, the Water’s Basics and the Chik Fil A values. These principles are reviewed with the staff and team at the beginning of each shift. Take the tour and see what a commitment to excellence looks like. From the value boards, you go into a full on working kitchen. Here is what I saw in a nutshell: every person doing their job, with precision, without wasted actions and “get it down attitudes.” It was so cool to watch the team in action. When you see all the elements on the boards personified through the employees, it helps you understand why you have a great experience when you go to Chik Fil A.

Eat More Chiken…it’s worth it!


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