A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Grace Multiplied


What is it like to see Pastor Craig’s vision for multi site campuses around the Tampa area in action? It is awesome! And it is humbling.

This past Sunday, I went to our Waters Campus to see it in action. Since Pastor Craig was gone all summer and he is usually going to be involved in most “big days” for the Waters campus, I have never been there on a Sunday. I have walked through it many times during construction but I hadn’t seen the final touches. Walking up to the building was like walking into a theme park – you know what is in it but you are excited to see what it looks like. I was not disappointed. The signage, colors and even the metal siding popped out, inviting you in. Once in the foyer, the Starbucks cafe, crazy floor finish, plenty of natural light and the furniture made you feel welcome and at home. Into the sanctuary, where Pastor Blaine, the musicians and singers were practicing for service. They sounded amazing and the colors and lights were vibrant. Then, I toured the humongous children’s rooms, the mothers rooms, the volunteer room and our Zone area. Wow! The kids at Waters were going to have a great experience.

If that was all that I encountered that morning, I would have been impressed. There was one more part that made my heart soar – the people! So many people serving and leading those coming for the message. Parking, First Impressions, Choir, All the Children’s ministries, Starbucks, Christmas Helpers, Tech and Visual production…Pastor’s Josh and Jerry have done an amazing job of developing a team of smiling, gracious volunteers. Watching Robert and Michelle Kuskin buzz around the room with the Blue Shirts was so cool.

If the environment and the volunteers weren’t enough, the services were tremendous! To see the sounds, lighting and stage come to life was great. Pastor Craig on video was about as realistic as we can get and we still had the personal touch through Pastor Josh. People laughed and responded throughout the entire service. Big Win!

So what do you do when your vision comes to pass? You say “Thank you” God for the provision and people to reach the Tampa area like never before. It is humbling. Yet, it also invigorates you to see more areas of Tampa reached with the gospel!

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