A Day in the Life of a Pastor – The Church that Never Sleeps


I stood in the same spot twenty four hours before. On Tuesday, I was watching 900 dads and daughters dance together, making lifetime memories. On Wednesday, I watched as 360 people sat at round tables discussing the parable of the talents after Tony Dungy delivered a strong teaching. I know Monday and Thursday, this room is used for Women’s and Married Couples large/ small groups. And if that doesn’t keep the lights on, the four services over Saturday and Sunday are coming. They happen every week.

Today, I want to give a special acknowledgement to the men and women who serve GFC on our maintenance team. Casey Call is our Director of Facilities and he recently told a group at First Step that they did “over 25,000 room changes last year.” That is amazing! And that is baffling. How can a church have so many room changes? Grace Family doesn’t believe that the church building should sit idle during the week. We want to reach people where they are at with so many opportunities for men, women, couples, youth, and children. It also serves as a launching area to go off campus with our soup kitchens and local outreaches.

In my position, I feel like I know about everything that is happening at the church. Honestly, there are times I am driving by and I think, “I wonder what is going on today?” Then, I smile. I love the fact that people are using their gifts and talents to reach people and it isn’t always the pastor preaching. People use our courtyard to meet, some come and reflect by the baptism waterfall and on many occasions, I see parents teaching their kids to drive in our parking lot. (They are the ones in the front lot actually driving in the traffic lines on a weekday afternoon.)

Kind of a boring blog, huh? Room changes, buildings, blah, blah, blah. I get it. Try reading it again with this in mind. Every time a door opens, an AC gets turned on, a person pulls on the campus…there is a chance they might take a step closer to Christ. The church is people not a building.

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