A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Being Pop


I write this after hearing that I am going to be a grandfather again. Taylor and Katy are expecting about five weeks apart this fall. It is an exciting time for all of us.

After much discussion, I was titled “Pop.” (Kristin said “no” to my one ingenious idea of “G-PA Slash” – c’mon, no one ever called their grandfather “Slash.”) Ironically, both of my grandfathers growing up were called Pop. They were both pretty amazing guys. Different in personality, they were very wise and I have great memories with each of them.

Over a year ago, Jaxon made me a Pop. I have learned a lot in the last fourteen months. Here are a few of my observations:

– First thought when handed to me in the hospital – “Don’t drop him.”

– Second thought – “He is so light.” (Weight lifting paying off)

– Where does all the drool come from? Unlimited supply of that stuff.

– Do you have to change his outfit for everything?

– It isn’t very “macho” but that newborn baby smell is awesome.

– Can’t wait till he can move around

– He’s about to crawl…can you say, “Face Plant?” I know it is wrong to laugh but it really is funny. “Oh, you don’t think it is funny….yeah, me too.”

– The first time he looks up and recognizes you…then smiles.

– Does he ever cry? (Fast forward to next nap time…When did he start crying?”)

– When I was leaving for the airport and he put his forehead on my mine and left it there for a few seconds. (Through the tears, I told you I would come back…And I did)

– He’s walking…Yes!

– If it is electronic (phone, remote, has an off/on button) – he wants it.

– “Where’s Jaxon?” Still makes both of us stop, look at each other and smile.

Bring on the next two…this is the good stuff!

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