A Day in the Life of a Pastor – The Week Before Easter


Easter is the Superbowl of Christianity!

Christmas brings the celebration of Jesus’ birth to the forefront and all the world recognizes that day. Easter has even more significance because it remembers the three-day span in which Christ was arrested, put on trial, executed and then resurrected. While all humanity can say they were born, no one can say they accomplished what Jesus did. He is the only person and religious leader who ever predicted his death and resurrection and then it happened. Not only how he called it, but in accordance with every prophecy in the Bible about it.

So, how does a church get ready for Easter? At GFC, we do somethings different that week. One, we have a different service schedule. Easter is one weekend that most people who don’t attend regularly will attend. We offer services on Good Friday, at sun rise on Sunday and the other regular times. On the Van Dyke Campus, our staff and volunteers will park off campus and be shuttled to the church so we can accommodate the most people on the campus possible. We will bring in additional seating on all the campuses so everyone will have a place to sit and enjoy the service. Our amazing maintenance team has been working on special projects for weeks to ensure the campuses look their best. The staff will volunteer outside their regular jobs to help all the weekend ministries cover their responsibilities. Our children, youth and adult weekend ministries have been preparing special worship and teaching to capture the message and celebration of Christ’s resurrection. Countless volunteers will help out throughout the week and over the Easter weekend to make sure everything (and I mean everything) is covered.

You need to know that…really? You do because that is the heart beat of the church for people to know Christ. Other than the special service times and parking arrangements, all those people do the same things every week because they want someone to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. I was walking through the sanctuary yesterday and a volunteer was restocking the commitment cards and pens in the chairs. He said he gives a few hours each week to do that. I didn’t know he did that and either did you. But when we reach for a pen, we are glad he did.

Easter is worth every bit of preparation. Lives will be impacted in a big way. And to many of us, Easter is every weekend because God is always impacting lives.

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