A Day in the Life of a Pastor – The Day after Easter



Easter 2015 is done.

I am writing this the morning after and I have lots of thoughts swirling in my head after my quiet time and my preparation time for the upcoming week. Indulge me to write in random observations…

  • I didn’t preach six times live…How does Pastor Craig do that?
  • I didn’t sit at all during those six services…now I know why I am tired.
  • If a church doesn’t do a Good Friday  or Sunrise service, they are missing one of the coolest experiences.  They might be traditional, but young, cutting edge churches, enjoy the honoring of traditional. (Same goes true for 11pm on Christmas Eve!)
  • The GFC staff on all of our campuses were tremendous – this is our Super Bowl and you are World Champions in my book!
  • The GFC Volunteers on all of our campuses were awesome – you truly are the heart of GFC and it showed time and time again.  You might not think someone noticed what you did, but we did.  And they did…and most importantly, He did.
  • I continue to be humbled by the Cross.  The song “We Thank You for the Cross” was powerful and such a great reminder of the price that was paid for me.
  • I wish we could do more services in an open air setting – something cool about being outside and worshipping God.
  • Our maintenance team cleaned up spills, up chucks, and did more environment turn overs than people will know…how do you take 1,500 hundred chairs and reset the courtyard, while baptisms are happening before the 9:30 service hits?  Wow!
  • Speaking of baptism…72 people will be able to say they were baptized on Easter 2015 morning! That is huge!
  • People ask what it is like to watch Casey lead worship – still gets me.  Watching him lead “Unto God” from the front row caused a couple of tears…never gets old.
  • So many children – what a great thing!  GFC loves children!  P. Mike and Jeanna and all their teams bring God’s love to the next generation.
  • Grateful to everyone who makes our strategy of campuses come to life.  Your willingness to “be out in the community,” allows us to do just that – “reach our community.”
  • Being on staff does not eliminate you from the traffic when leaving an Easter service.  Even waiting till most of it is gone…you still get to practice the art of “patience and forgiveness.”
  • One memory people will not see – sitting with P. Craig and Debbie before the last service.  We had 5 min. to sit before greeting the last service.  I am grateful that God led my family to come to GFC 20 years ago. I have been through so many holidays and services with my pastor.  He is truly everything I aspire to be as a pastor, leader and man of God.  He is the Best!
  • Final memory – as my family gathered for Easter lunch to bless our meal – as I looked around the circle, I was humbled in the blessing I have in family.  I saw so many who took family pictures to remember the day.  We couldn’t do that because we were all over the place serving the church or others. But when we circled up, I knew how blessed I am.  You guys are my greatest gift!

Hey!  We have more services in six days…let’s do this!


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