A Day in the Life of a Pastor – My Dad




Happy Birthday David Bonham!  My Dad…

My dad is a pretty amazing guy.  He turns 74 today and we still talk once or twice a week.  He is active – raising cows, chickens and bees. (He is nailing the beekeeping – teaches other how to do it as well.)   I honor him today for all that he has poured into my life…more than even he knows.  So, here are some random thoughts about my dad.

–  We both talk the same way.  We use our hands a lot and we are soft-spoken.

–  We both cry when we laugh.  I especially love it when we laugh together…we usually see the other one laughing and crying and it prompts us to do it more.

– We both think common sense is foundational to almost everything.

– We both like conversations we have during the day that are genuine and cause us to think.

– We both like to write.  Like the letter he wrote to me on my first day of college that was waiting in my mailbox when I got there.  (You thought I forgot – tell more people about those words than you can imagine.)

– We both like to have fun when we work.

– Now…we both have an age spot on our hand. (Inside story)

– We both fiercely love our families.

– Finally, I recognize the role my dad and mom played in me accepting Christ.  They went to church for a long time without a relationship with Christ.  When they made their profession of faith, they ultimately changed the trajectory for my sister and brothers.  Over time, we all accepted Christ.  I am the first minister in my family that I know of.  And now, Casey is following that similar path.

So, the last thing to say is that “we both make an impact.”

You really do!  Happy Birthday!


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