A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Lead Yourself Well




I was recently asked to speak to GFC’s Next Level Leaders – adults who feel that God has called them to be more than a volunteer at Grace.  These amazing people are leaders who truly impact the growth and ministry of the church.  They help our staff lead ministry at a very high level and demonstrate God’s love in a great way!

I was asked to speak on “How do You Lead Yourself Well?”  Great question and here are the nuts and bolts from my talk.

1.  Have a consistent devotion time with the Lord.  

This is a must for me.  Whereas my devotions have changed over the years, my commitment to it has not.  I am presently using the “choose between bible reading, worship, prayer or solitude” method.  I have to do one of those Mon. – Thurs. and Saturday. I am using the “Jesus Calling” devotion and it is amazing how God is drawing me into His presence during this time.

The consistency is the most important thing in my devotions.  It isn’t exciting and a thrill to see.  It just works.  Like in any relationship – regular, quality time brings life, growth and maturity.  I am happy with that.


2.  Have a “Personal Board.”  

     If a business can reap the benefits of having multiple advisors to navigate the challenges of business, why don’t we employ the same concept in our desire to navigate life.  I have been using this strategy for years and seen huge benefits.  I have “board members” for my spiritual, financial, business, life application, relationship and fitness aspects of my life.  When I am challenged (it happens a lot,) I go to my board for wisdom, insights and direction about what steps to take or to avoid.

The wisdom that has gone before me has saved me from a lot of pitfalls and bad judgements.  One of the best decisions I made was to submit myself to a personal board.


3.  Commit to Continual Learning.

    I will never stop being a student and growing.  My grandfather taught me the importance of questions and I have made that a lifelong commitment.  There is so much we can learn from situations, people and just observing everyday life.  I find more value in people when I realize that I can learn something from them.  I am amazed by God and situations when I realize how finite I am and how infinite He is.  I can walk in sincere humility when I can realize the greatness of someone else or how a situation has changed the trajectory of a life.

Commitment to learning doesn’t mean you aren’t smart.  Actually, it recognizes the genius of knowing that there is so much more than we can comprehend or imagine.  Tapping into that propels us forward!


4.  Commit to Find Ways to Lead.

 How does a pastor lead when he doesn’t get to preach from the pulpit?  When this happened to me, I was pretty discouraged at first.  Yet, I made this commitment that I would continue to lead.  I learned how to lead from the “back of the room.”  I began to realize influence had more power than words from the front.  I continue to grow in character and integrity because of this principle.  Influence can be positive or negative.  If I want to be a positive influence, then character, integrity and honesty are the foundation.

I also found outlets to leverage my leadership – two recent ones are social media and my blog.  I will usually post a scripture and a quote each day.  I am amazed how people enjoy reading those daily.  But it is gratifying to know that it impacts someone’s life.  This blog has become my version of “preaching.”  I love sharing stories and insights from life.  Life is hard and hopefully these “nuggets” are helpful in drawing close to God.


5.  Commit to Live in the Moment.

     Life changes by the hour, the day and in a moment.  One of my newest and most powerful tools is learning to live in the moment.  I used to prepared and strategize to the point of  “controlling” everything I possibly could.  Now, I realize that is futile.  If I truly want to let God control my direction and steps, than I must yield the reigns to Him.  I prepare what is needed, strategize for a period of time and lay out steps that I see fit. I do this with an open palm, allowing the Lord to do with it as He will.  Sounds easy – been one of the hardest things for me to do.  Yet, it has also been one of the most fruitful things I do in leading myself.

Living in the moment takes the burden off of me to “make things happen.”  I do my part and yield the results to an amazing God whose will and direction is better than I can imagine.


Today, this is how I am leading myself well.  What are you doing to ensure that you stay on the course the Lord has for you?

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