A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Use Your Voice



Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs.

Stephen Covey

I posted this quote recently and it just pumps me.  This has been one of my biggest “mantras” for the last few years.  Too many people don’t know have the confidence, security and courage to use their voice.  Or they don’t know how.  And what about encouraging others to use their voice…what would that look like.  Let’s dive in.

What is “your voice?”  Simply, it is your beliefs and the ability to communicate them. If you believe it, then you should be able to express it in a way for others to clearly understand it.  It can be as simple as “I believe it is going to rain.”  Simple, easy to understand,  and not much weight.  Yet, as you drill down deeper – relationships, faith, family, money and politics – you get a different sense of gravity.  This is where most people become quiet.

You need to use your voice.

You need to tell whatever is stopping you from expressing your beliefs to “Shut it’s yapper!”  This is one of the coolest gifts that God gives us – a sound mind to think, be logical, solve problems and find a way to share that with others.  Many times, it is that “other voice” that stops us. “You are going to look stupid,”  “No one wants to hear what you have to say,” “They are smarter than you,” and my favorite, “What if you are wrong?”

Let me address “what if you are wrong?”

You have a 50% chance of being wrong.  If you take the stance that I am constantly growing and learning, then you will use your voice with the intent of growing.  I share things but I also listen to the response and feedback.  I work through all that to evaluate what I believe.  If I need to change it, I acknowledge my lack of understanding and work on what I now believe.  The need to be perfect or the expert can stymie growth.  

You need to use your voice and be an encourager of others using theirs.  Imagine a relationship or an organization where there can be honest, true and clear communication without all the incumbrances of fear and insecurity.  Could there be pain – you bet?  Yet, the pain is exposed and it can be dealt with together.  A pain that is out in the open has so little power compared to the one that is hidden in the dark.

Use your voice today!  Better yet, encourage those around you to use their as well.  The results will astound you.



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