A Day in the Life of a Pastor – 5:20 am Flight



I just got off my 5:20 am flight. Since I am an early morning person, you would think I would be in my element.  Honestly, I was.  (It was difficult after staying up to cheer on my Bolts – tough loss but so proud of their grit and desire.)  What can you learn on a 5:20 flight…believe me, a lot.  Random observations before 7:18am:

  • There are a lot of police officers tending to automobile accidents at 3:30am. (3 in 10 miles)
  • You CAN find a parking spot in long-term parking at 3:50am.
  • No, they don’t let you go over to the terminal before 4am.
  • Yes, they will send you back if you accidentally go over because there was no one to check ID’s in the main hub.
  • Yes, there are actually families with 6 kids who will actually get up at this time of day to fly somewhere.
  • Yes, those same 6 kids will find the play area and play on every square inch of it until they have to board. (And question why they have to leave such a great playground?)
  • This flight will definitely be overbooked and run out of overhead space.
  • No terminal stores are open except for Starbucks and General goods place – quiet is so eerie and cool at the same time.
  • Everyone (including the hip grandma) and I mean everyone is using headphones this morning.  Parents of the 6 kids – not.
  • Yes, God can move on a 5:20am flight.  Most amazing conversation with a businessman about his journey in business and life.
  • Yes, I continue to learn more about leadership, management and overall team building as a pastor.
  • Yes, I see the power of a story…wow!
  • Yes, we all can make an impact if we stay available.

Ok, its 7:18am…I am ready for a nap!

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