A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Ministry at Midnight




My last post was about my flight at 5:2o am.  That was Tuesday.  It is 5:20am and it is Thursday…and I am in an airport again.

Yesterday, I had the worst experience ever flying.  After an amazing day and a half with a growing church that is really poised to take off, I was dropped off at the airport at a flight that was already delayed once around 3pm.  A series of delay, mechanical failures, reassignments, more delays we finally got on the plane 8:30.  With the time change, it was going to be close to make my connection.  Then, we went through another hour and twenty minutes of waiting for fuel, checking the manifest, filing a new flight plan.  It actually got hilarious to watch how we sat there.  My connecting flight  long gone, I made it to the hotel at 1 am so I could get back up at 4am to get back to the airport this am.

Here is the amazing thing.  I wrote last time about how God can work when we make ourselves available.  I wish I could say I was smiling and joyful about the unplanned stay over.  Yet, God continued to show me how He works when we make ourselves available.  I met a young man who attended an camp for kids without parents.  I met a 30 year navy veteran who was flying to Africa.  I met a golfer from Orlando.  I met a railroad representative who loves Pittsburgh.  All of them have their own stories, challenges and life that needs God.  Some conversations were deep, some polite and short.  As I sit here with my brain buzzing, I can say “God used me to touch their lives.”  No, not an emotional response, on their knees, radically accepting of Christ.  Instead, it was a kind word, a quick prayer, and a renewed sense of how we all need each other.  And they encouraged me too.  We all needed a little boost.

Ministry is people.  I know, I need to get back to Tampa, I have ministry to do.  Who knew that ministry can happen at midnight…in an abandoned airport…on frayed nerves…with little sleep…when I really didn’t want to be there.  Ministry is people – they’re worth it.

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