A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Creating Chaos



I recently sat with a great young leader – we were talking about fatherhood, business, family and “the grind.”  You know what the grind is – the routine of life.

Ironically, I have written how I enjoy routine and how it keeps me centered.  Routine also can lull us into boredome because we do the same things each day. Get up, spend time with God, workout, go to work, make dinner,  talk with Kristin, watch a ballgame, read, go to bed.  Now, I am not complaining – there is a lot of good things in between but still, it becomes a grind because you can literally “sleep walk” through it.

As I was talking with this guy, I told him about a principle that I realized is probably true for all of us.  Humans like to have “chaos” in their lives – it gives us something to “conquer.”  Some have chaos thrust upon them with extreme life situations – birth, death, divorce, moving, job changes – those are intense.  When you are in the grind, life doesn’t throw as many curve balls and we get “bored.”

So we create chaos.

There are two types of chaos.  You can allow there to be bad chaos – the destructive type where you say, think or do things that is going to cause pain your life.  This is where sin has a field day.  The wounds in your life that you haven’t truly healed begin to say to you, “It’s ok, you deserve to do this, you are entitled to…”  Before you know it, you are going down a path that is going to bring hurt and a bigger wound to you and those you truly love.

Or there is good chaos.

Is there another kind?  You bet there is.  Good chaos comes from giving yourself one challenge that you can “shock” your grind by putting something in it that will cause you positive “uncomfortableness.”  Starting a workout, a bible study, a book reading or going to a small group, taking a class, or attending an event you would never think of before (the ballet or opera) – all these are “good chaos.”  For example, two years ago, I took up golf with an earnest.  I took lessons, bought golf clothes and now, I play once a week vs once  month.  Am I a great golfer – no way.  Have I improved – yes.  Have I developed a new skill and community – yes.  It helps me to break up the routine and get out of my comfort zone.

Are you going through the grind?  It is time for some chaos…bring it on!


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