A Day in the Life of a Pastor – My Father’s Day Table



Father’s Day comes every Sunday for me.  My family is far from perfect. (I am the leader and I am far from perfect so they are just following suit.)  Yet, I am so blessed.  I sit every Sunday after church and get to hang out with some of the most amazing people to me.  Often, I am pretty tired after services.  (I know I don’t preach but I do greet a lot of folks at the stairs – I love it!)  Kristin makes these “over the top” meals that feeds the whole crew and creates an atmosphere of sharing, stories and love.

When asked “How do you spend Father’s Day,” this is a snapshot of our after church table this Father’s Day.

– Honorable absentee mention to my parents (who I called the day before and shared the love), Kristin’s parents (who are regulars at the table and amazing), Tyler Brooks and Bryan Singleton (adopted sons- humbled to have them in the family who celebrated with their own families).

– “Doc” – visiting his family who we adopted.  A great guy who loves dialoguing about the Judaic and Christianity faiths.  Love talking to him and his journey.

– “Blue” – I never knew how much joy one of my daughter’s would bring me each day.  She makes me smile and laugh so often. (She posted Mr. Incredible video on her Instagram about me – C’mon!)

– ChloGo and Chug – my niece and her husband.  These two are the epitome of servant’s hearts. I watch them and know their journey will impact many – yep, they are that good.

– Sunshine and Katy Katy – my son and his wife.  These two tell great stories and are capturing all the good out of life.  For Father’s Day, Sunshine wrote a poem for me.  Tears flowed before the first word spoken…

– The Dobsons, Sr.  – My son in law’s parents.  I love these two – I am so blessed that my daughter’s family has such great wisdom, fun and love for the Lord in the grand parent role.  They are top shelf amazing.

– Cleveland Clan – Adopted this family and I am so glad we did.  They welcomed a new addition to the family last week. The impact each of them are going to have will astound many.  Pronk and I are doing the daily verse challenge and we are growing.

– The Skater and Tater – The most creative couple at the table. So proud of all they are accomplishing in life and the parents they are already. If I ever need to know what “relevant” is, I ask them.

– JaxMan – He get’s so excited to pray for the food, closes his eyes and smiles really big. (I hope I do that when I pray.)  He is getting bigger, louder and loves to explore.  Loves using a fork and spoon, or at least, try!

– Big Momma. – Hard to believe we started this journey 27 yrs ago.  I still love it when she laughs, shares her great insights and wisdom and knows just how to make someone feel special. And…she creates an awesome Sunday table.

That was my Father’s Day table.  As I looked around the table, I remember how blessed I am every day.  I get to do life with these folks…what a life!

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