A Day in the Life of a Pastor -He’s Got This




“The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it” I Thessalonians 5:24

How many of you recognize that you are on a journey with God? Like many of your natural journeys, it has tasks, challenges, joys and wins. Just the word “journey” denotes a length of time and commitment. And all journey’s have at least one thing in common: you have to take the first step.

Isn’t that an amazing part? All the anticipation, excitement, preparation and expectation comes to fruition and you begin. You are full of energy and passion and you begin down a new road with great hope that all that you have done to accomplish your goal will be successful.

I was sitting with a friend in an airport recently and we were discussing our journey with Christ. We were both far from the beginning. We were far into our journey and had the bumps, bruises and scars to prove it. We shared some amazing highs and some challenging lows. And we both gave each other that knowing smile, “It was totally worth it.” I wondered out loud,”How does one keep going when the journey seems too long and has too many obstacles in the way?”
I heard a minister share the initial verse. Let me break it down for you…

“The one” – there is on who calls you whose name is above all names, everything falls under His authority. There is no one higher or greater than Him.

“Who calls you” – He calls us. By name, by relationship and by purpose…he continues to call.

“Is faithful” – This always makes me smile. The Creator of heaven and earth constrains himself by his word that He will be faithful. He will not slack off or miss it. He consistently, lovingly draws us to relationship.

“and he will do it” – We may not see it today, tomorrow or next day but if we stay on the journey, he will accomplish his will in us.

So, you have a choice. Stay where you are or take the next step. Go ahead…he’s got this.

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