A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Sunrise Run


Not that good of a photographer when I run...taken from the internet.

Not that good of a photographer when I run…taken from the internet.

I ran this morning.

I don’t run anymore.

In 2004, I actually ran the Disney Marathon. Since then, I have changed my workouts and running has slowly become a low, low level of exercise. It hurts too much afterwards.

Yet, when I go to the beach, something draws me to run at sunrise. I actually got up and was going to walk. Which I did for the first song. But then, I had to jog the next one. Then, I walked a song. Then I ran the next one. By the time I was 15 minutes into this routine, I was smiling so big. It was fun. Then, the sun came up over the horizon and it was “game on.” I went over four miles, sweating like oil slick, huffing like a locomotive and smiling.

It must have been quite a sight for all those I passed along the way. Like the following people:

– Power walking lady – total power walk stride, water bottle in hand and determined look on her face.

– Two Grannies – these ladies gave the biggest wave and smiles while looking for shells, great encouragers!

– Middle aged runner…wait that is me.

– Older than me, middle aged runner – cool, collected, not a drop of sweat on him, short wave, grim smile. Makes me chuckle.

– 40 something male walking with his mom – sounds weird in writing it, but I think, how cool it is that he gets to see and be with his mom. Mine is in Tennessee this am – miss her. (She would be actually running faster than me)

– Jogging mom – step aside, she looks like she could and can run me over. She is faster, stronger and ready to plow right through me.

– Old guy who isn’t taking much ground and who really cares – love watching older people excercise. This guy wasn’t taking 5 steps for my one stride but he was out there. I am impressed.

– Couple out for a walk. – I will never know what a sunrise walk looks like because Kristin and I are on the “night and day” plan. Yet, I love going for walks with her at other times – usually one of the highlight of my trip to the beach.

– Finally, My shadow. I am amazed to see my shadow when I run. (Sounds goofy, but try it sometime.) My shadow doesn’t show age, aching bones or even graying hair – it still looks like an athlete to me. (Gotta laugh at that one.)

When I crossed the imaginary finish line at the life guard stand, I smiled once more because of what happens next. I love running on the beach because there is always a moment (it happens every time) when I stop and I look at the ocean with this beautiful sun cresting. I am reminded how little I am, a new day always comes and how BIG God really is. I prayed over all the situations and challenges in my life and laid them all at God’s glorious feet. I recognized all that I could do and how much God can do beyond my imagination or dreams. I walked towards the condo at peace.

God is on the throne again!

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