A Day in the Life of a Pastor – My Life Without God




I recently was posed the question, “What would your life look like without God.” Naturally, I scoffed and thought, “That is a silly question.” But I pondered it and came away with a smile.

How would I live my life today if there wasn’t God? First of all, I wouldn’t be a minister because there would be no need for church. Yet, I would probably do something that helped people move forward in their journey and towards something greater than themselves. I like growth. I like knowing that there is something in life that is bigger than me.

Even if there wasn’t a God, I would do something that would benefit people. It can definitely be messy at times – no doubt. Yet, money and possessions have never been high on my list of “accomplishments” so I would gravitate towards people. I find people fascinating and I love to hear about their life stories. Hollywood has nothing on some of the things I have heard over the years. Real people are never boring or sedate to me – they are what makes life real.

Even if there wasn’t a God, I would be nice to people, say “please and thank you,” be positive and smile. Honestly, I am not perfect at those things but I really find a joy in doing them. I find life is more enjoyable, happier and more fun when I am positive, optimistic and believe the best in people. Most of the time, they prove they are worth that investment of my time and energy. Most people will treat you well if you do the same to them. Of course, some will take advantage of those things. That’s on them, not me.

Even if there wasn’t a God, I would be generous. I have learned that being stingy and tight fisted with my gifts, talents and resources doesn’t help them grow. Instead, it puts them into a “stagnate” state of being. The more I hold tight to them, the less results and growth I see. It’s the law of sowing and reaping. The more you pour out, the more that comes back to you.

Even if there wasn’t a God, I would love…
                                                                      Actually, I couldn’t love without a God.

My personal nature is selfish, stingy, self serving and wants to sit in on the throne of my life and stay in control. All the things I really enjoy about my life are rooted in a relationship with God. He brings out all those things in me personally so that I can enjoy them and other people. The love that I know God has put in my heart allows me to pursue all of those things I wrote about above because I know that there is one who is higher than I and He leads me to higher places. My actions could be identical with or without Him but without the love He has given me, it would be so empty and void of the joy and fulfillment I experience it each day. Also, with a relationship with God, I have purpose. That purpose in relationship with God brings me peace, freedom, joy and fulfillment. A life without God would be a life that would do some great things…but never have a purpose with an eternal impact.

I don’t envision my life without God. In doing this little exercise, it reaffirmed that He is the center of my life. Not just spiritually, but everything I truly value, centers on Him. My life isn’t just better because of Him…no, I am who I am because of Him. And yes, I smile at that.

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