A Day in the Life of a Pastor – “Come To Jesus Meeting”


Pastor Ralph Johnson talked about having a “Come to Jesus Meeting” during his message at GFC this weekend. If you missed it, I encourage you to watch the podcast.  He basically encouraged the congregation to make time for God each day. Either in rest or relationship, a time with God will benefit you.

I whole heartedly agree and think it is a timely message for where the church is today.  Can you imagine what your family would look like if everyone spent a few minutes with God each day focused on Him?  What would your circle of friends talk about, consider “fun,” or pursue as interests if each person in the circle interacted daily with God?  What would GFC or any church pursue as a group to reach the lost and unchurched if it all started with a personal interaction with God and infused that into the numerous ministries reaching people?  What would our city look like if we took time to honor God for a few moments each day?

An interesting thought exercise when you begin to build the concentric circles of how spending time with God cycles outward.  Yet, it will always start with the first circle – you.  We would all love to see the synergy and enthusiasm of a group of vibrant, growing relationships with God.  Small or big, those groups will grow and challenge everyone to step it up.  It has to start with you.  I learned a long time ago, I cannot minister out of my reserves.  It must start with my own time with God and give out my overflow.  My reserves are limited.  But a fresh, overflowing relationship with God brings new life, insights and love to those people He wants me to lead and interact with on a daily basis.

Start today…have your own “Come to Jesus Meeting!”

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