A Day in the Life of a Pastor – And So it Begins…Again


What would be the first thing you would write about when you last post was two months and a day ago?  I thought about it for a while and I came up with the phrase “And so it begins…again.” (And thank you for all who asked about the blog…it means a lot that you enjoy it and cared whether it would continue.)

Mid August to today was one of the most amazing “rides of my life.”  Personally, Kristin and I are enjoying one of the busiest times in our family’s history.  The middle of August brought two pregnant daughters, Taylor and Katy.  Abigail was returning from her time in Cleveland and Omaha. Christopher and Taylor moved in with us after purchasing a home and remodeling it. September 19th brought us our beautiful grand daughter, Reese Dobson.  It is a tremendous gift to look around the waiting room and see your kids, the grandparents and others via phone celebrating such an arrival.  Reese went back to the hospital twice in the first two weeks to battle a virus/ fever.  It is humbling to be on the receiving end of the church loving on your family and praying through a stressful time.  Another big day occurred when I awoke to see a picture from Abby with a twisty tie on her finger, announcing she was getting married.  We love Casey K. and are very excited for the upcoming wedding.  Before the month’s end, Chloe and Ian left for a long trip to Korea to visit family and see some tremendous sights. October has moving forward with all of those great things while waiting for the arrival of our second grandson, Graham.  Casey and Katy are ready and excited to see this little guy. (And so are we!)

The last two months brought some great projects at Grace Family.  Two things in August was the introduction of the GFC Journey at the Van Dyke Campus and the preparation for the 40 Days of Community Small Groups.  I am so proud of our Small Group team and the Creative Team for all they accomplished in both of these endeavors.  Way to go everyone! Both are wins for GFC, took a tremendous amount of work and effort and revealed the true gifting and leadership a number of people.  September – November has me on my final project for the year.  It is an interesting journey that I will share more about in the future.

And so it begins…again.  I am ready to write some more.  After reading that, I don’t think you can fault me for taking a hiatus.  Did God show me anything during that time?  Did I get any new insights?  What did I learn?

Every season starts with a new day…and so it begins again.

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