A Day in the Life of a Pastor – 49 yrs old…

IMG_0122 (1).jpg

I turned 49 years old on September 1st!    This is me and my grandson enjoying the warmth of the fire coming off of my Birthday Pie!

In honor of my birthday, I am writing observations from the last year of my life. (in no particular order or signifigance…this is me just winging it.)

  • It is harder for me to get up at 4am, so I am now getting up at 5am.
  • I still love working out…although my warm up is a lot longer.
  • I will not run a race again…too many calf muscle pulls.  I have weird calves.
  • I love the Bible in a small amount of verses.
  • I really love asking questions to hear more about a person’s story.
  • I do not love mucous coming out of a child’s nose…sorry, just don’t like anything about it…
  • I don’t make as many lists as I used to and am amazed that much of the stuff still gets done or really wasn’t that important.
  • My grandkids make me smile and laugh…they are a hoot even in the way they talk, walk or make sounds.
  • I am amazed at the next generation of leaders who are coming up in the church.
  • Reading for leading never stops or becomes unproductive.
  • I am a better listener than I am talker…I learn so much more when I listen.
  • Worship continues to be a rich experience with God.  For all my friends who say it isn’t their thing, I hope one day you will sing a song to God and feel his presence.
  • I am learning the importance of sitting still and just being quiet before God.
  • I still smile when Kristin comes in the room.
  • I am learning what it means to for a child to leave their father and mother and build their own families…and it is awesome.  They are amazing.
  • I have learned that it is ok to weep for things that people will never see.
  • I have learned that whoever wins the big game doesn’t really change my life that much.
  • I am fascinated by and a student of the words “empowering others.”
  • I will probably never make it under two hundred pounds.  I like eating more than dieting, enjoying a meal with others rather being “that person,” and I can only do my best.
  • I still can watch rain, sunsets and children laughing and think how Big God really is.
  • I am still not very good with building things but I can am a great helper.
  • I love God, even when there are disappointments, I know His path for us is good, true and based on a purpose and love He has for us.
  • I love my family.  They are way ahead of me at their stage of life but I wouldn’t miss every victory and challenge.  They impact me so much.
  • I am more grateful than ever before for those who have gone before me.  Those people who paved the way for me to do what I do today.  Some I know personally, some I know from afar…thank you for allowing me to ride on the shoulders of your labor.
  • I have a greater appreciation for the word “serving.”  Whether military, first responders, or law enforcement, I am humbled at the sacrifice it takes to preserve the rights of citizens of this great country.
  • I also have a great appreciation for those who volunteer at Grace Family Church. Every week, hundreds of people give of their time, energy and talents so others can grow in their relationship with God.  You might not think someone saw you in action, but there is a good chance I did….thank you.
  • I am humbled how I am more in love with my wife than the day I married her.
  • Finally, I am not fifty, over the hill, on the other side of life…I am just getting started.  This new year is going to be the best.


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