A Day in the Life of a Pastor – “What do you Do for Fun?”



It had been a great interview.  The pastoral candidate had made it all the way through the selection process and the final interview was wrapping up.  Everyone around the table was collecting their papers, tucking things away and one of the elders of the church asked kind of off the cuff…

“One more question.  What do you do for fun?”

The candidate smiled and said, “Well…I, uh…”  The smile began to fade.  “I really  enjoy….um,…I do….  He looked off and said, “I am not sure what I do for fun.”  The questioner said, “Ok, I was just wondering.”  The candidate left and the group sat down to debrief.

We discussed his qualifications, his strong gifting and abilities, answers to the questions that were positive and weak.  Then, that same elder says, “I wouldn’t hire him.  He couldn’t answer what he does for fun.  If that is the case, he is a workaholic and you don’t want that person on your team.”

We didn’t hire him.

I recently shared that story with a church staff who visited Grace Family to illustrate two  strong principles in our culture.

1. There should be an element of fun in doing your work at GFC.  If you don’t get up with a sense of anticipation and joy that “this is what I get to do,” then you need to ask yourself if you are supposed to be here.  I know there are times we dread doing certain tasks, having conversations, and tough decisions.  Yet, if that is an overriding theme on a continual basis, then you want to reevaluate your work.  For me, I want to know I am making an impact in the lives of people to grow a step closer to God.  That is fun for me.

2.  You should have fun when you are away from GFC.  Working at the church is an          amazing blessing, but it is still work.  I have always said that the easiest hour of the week is when we do our weekend services.  It is the hours of preparation, communication and ministering to people during the week that sets up the weekend to be a “high point” experience.  So have fun – do things that refresh you.  Take all your PTO days and enjoy life with your family and loved ones.  For me, I love my workouts throughout the week.  I love spending time with my grandkids. (Another form of working out – they are quick!)  I took up golf recently and my prayer life has increased.  I love traveling with Kristin to new cities and exploring all they offer.  And when I am tired, I love reading.  Those are ways to keep my energy levels up and it works.

“What do you do for fun?”  

(The question has been asked in every interview I am in since that night.)




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