Devotion – Genesis 33

Photo by Aleksejs Bergmanis on

S – “But Jacob said, “No, please! If I have found favor with you, take this gift from me. For indeed, I have seen your face, and it is like seeing God’s face since you have accepted me.” Genesis 33:10 CSB

O – “Like seeing the face of God.”  Interesting that Jacob has actually seen the face of God and likens it to seeing Esau.  Both represent Jacob leaving his past and moving toward a new future.  He wrestled with God and was given a new name.  He was changed from a deceiver to one God fights for.  He also had a change with Esau from the younger brother who deceived him to a loved sibling. With God’s healing of his past, Jacob is ready to move forward with a new character.

A – I need to continue to learn from the past but leave the character and narrative behind.  Once it is under the blood of Jesus, I do not need to carry it into my future.

R – Lord, please help me to do this today.


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