Devotion – Genesis 34

S – “We will agree with you only on this condition: if all your males are circumcised as we are. Then we will give you our daughters, take your daughters for ourselves, live with you, and become one people.”    Genesis 34:15–17 CSB

O – The root of deception that characterized Jacob all his life is evident in his sons.  They make this agreement based on the fact that the Canaanites would not do this.  When they did, the son’s actions were deceitful.  A couple of items: 

The Israelites asked the Canaanites to do something that represented their covenant with God.  Outward actions do not equal relationship or commitment.  It must be in the heart and in their own faith.  

The Canaanites offered them the land in return.  The Israelites were already promised the land by God.  Who did you trust in that moment?

The plunder was the possessions and people of the land but invited the wrath of all those around the area.  There will be trouble – do you invite it or do you oppose it?

A – I need the Holy Spirit to lead me today to recognize what is of him and what is my own desires.

R – Lord, help me to do this.


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