Devotion – I Timothy 3

S –  16 And most certainly, the mystery of godliness is great: 

He was manifested in the flesh, 

vindicated in the Spirit, 

seen by angels, 

preached among the nations, 

believed on in the world, 

taken up in glory. 

1 Timothy 3:16 CSB

O – 

mystery of our faith (or mystery of godliness): See note on 2:2.

Christ (literally He who; other manuscripts read God): Jesus Christ is the only source of godliness. • vindicated by the Spirit (or vindicated in his spirit): Christ’s resurrection (Rom 1:4) answers the apparent weakness of his life and death as a human, and affirms his teaching.

seen by angels: This emphasizes Jesus’ sovereign rule in the heavenly realm (see also Eph 1:21; Phil 2:9–11; Heb 1:3–4; 1 Pet 3:22; Rev 5:8–14).

announced to the nations: Christ’s provision of salvation and sovereign rule must be proclaimed and accepted in the earthly realm as well (cp. 2:1–7).

believed in throughout the world: The mission to the nations is successful, but it does not guarantee universal acceptance.

• Christ was taken to heaven (Luke 24:51; Acts 1:2, 11, 22) and was exalted in glory (cp. Acts 7:55–56). Christ’s saving work is crowned with success in the world and with glory in heaven.

 New Living Translation Study Bible 

A – It is refreshing and humbling to see the work of Jesus laid out like this.  God has a plan.  When you look at each of these qualities of God’s “mystery,” it is amazing to see the results.  Yet, it came at a great price.  One that was sealed with Christ’s obedience and submission to go through.    I need to recognize His plan and purpose today.  And, be submitted to obey.

R – Lord, help me to do this.