Devotion – Mark 12

S – They were looking for a way to arrest him but feared the crowd because they knew he had spoken this parable against them. So they left him and went away. 

Mark 12:12 CSB

O – This is the first time in Mark when Jesus’ parable is understood by the religious leaders.  It caused them to want to arrest Jesus, fear the people they served and move in a direction away from their purpose.

A – Recently, Kristin shared about the principle of Pride and Fear.  It is playing out here.  The pride of the religious leaders was accused by Jesus in this parable.  It caused them to fear.  The results were totally opposite of good leadership and intimacy with God.

R – Lord, help me to walk in humility and confidence that eliminates fear and pride.  Let me walk in the purpose you have for me, serving others by leading according to your will.