A Day in the Life of a Pastor – The Waiting Room


On Tuesday, October 27th, around 10:15pm, Graham Nolan Bonham was born.  He is healthy, strong and big.  We are blessed.

I received the text as I was going into our All GFC Staff meeting that they were headed to the hospital that morning.  I got there around 11:45am and quickly realized that Kristin and I were going to be a little early to the party.  Katy was progressing well, so we got lunch, went home and changed into more comfortable clothes and went back to the hospital.  We had a great visit with the expecting parents and then I settled into the waiting room.  Here are some of my observations from there:

  • I hate waiting rooms.  Even with the World Series on, my Kindle’s latest book, and a bathroom close by, I still hate waiting rooms.  If I am in one, it means I am waiting.  Whereas I have grown in my patience, I don’t want to go to specific place to do it.
  • I like seats that give you an option of a desk…great idea and very useful.
  • All the great snacks taste different in a hospital…(except pizza – we learned that with Reese – pizza in a hospital is the most unhealthiest thing to eat and it tastes great!)
  • There is a sense of helplessness that comes with being in the waiting room.  Less than 30 yards from our “patients” and yet we can’t do much to help them…except
  • Prayer.  God shows up in waiting rooms.  It is amazing how in the quietness of one of those uncomfortable seats (with the cool desk option), God hears prayers.  There was a small window where it was just me. I talked, God listened.  God talked, I listened.  I realized once again how small I am and how BIG He is.
  • Family means so much to me.  As it drew closer to delivery, I looked around the room, Christopher and Ian were looking at pictures, Taylor and G-Ma were playing with Reese, Chloe was talking with Abby, Darel was watching the World Series and Kristin was chatting with everyone. Katy’s sister and brother and his wife were there as well.  As I looked, I realized the power of family…in the good times and the tough ones.  We have all had those journeys.  The people in that room bring strength, joy and love in their own way.  How cool they were all there!

Last thing…as I left the waiting room to go back and see my newest grandson, I paused and looked back.  It was empty now.  All of the kids had left to go home.  I remember thinking…thank you God for the waiting room.  You reminded me once again that life has many waiting rooms.  I don’t enjoy the wait.  But when God puts you in the waiting room, you slow down, you look around, you realize what is important…and eventually, you get to leave the room to go on to the next part of your journey.

Go get em!

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