A Day in the Life of a Pastor – Hardest Assignment: Costs and Benefits of Transitional Leadershp




When was the last time you heard about someone going to college because of a cow? Today is that day. My grandfather bought each of his grandkids a calf when we were very little. Those cattle were raised, sold and we each ended up with a college fund. Over the years, I added to it by mowing yards, cleaning pools, washing cars. Along with a scholarship, I was able to come out of college debt free. I know the costs and benefits of working and saving for a goal.


Giving away your leadership has both costs and benefits. The list is not exhaustive but let me give you the Big Three on both sides of the ledger.


The Costs:


  1. Your Security.  It’s Not about You.


We all have heard Rick Warren’s sobering first line from his book, “The Purpose Driven Life.” Basically, you are going to make a couple of decisions. You have to decide if it is about God’s agenda or your agenda.   They should be synonymous but sometimes we struggle. Then, you have to answer, “Is your faith in God or in your own gifts, talents, abilities?” This will challenge your concept of trust.

     2.  Your Messiah Complex. Yep, you have one.

Eventually, you have to realize that you are not the answer for everything and everyone. We love to be the one people run to but how many can you effectively lead? Jesus did ministry with twelve men he poured into daily and he changed the world. Find your number to pour into and begin changing your world today.


     3.  Your Perfect World. The World of “Untouchables.”

In your world, if everything is done your way, with your ideas, your decisions and your actions – it would be perfect – exactly what you want. A transitional leader creates a “swing the bat” environment and an “OK to Fail” Zone.  We have never let someone go at GFC because of they failed at an idea.  Everything can be improved and also has a shelf life…nothing is an “untouchable.” Love this quote by George Patton – “If you tell people where to go, but not how to get there, you will be amazed at the results.”


The Benefits of Being a Transitional Leader:


  1. Prolong Your Ministry / Shared Responsibility and Perspective.


When you truly are giving your ministry and leadership away, you are actually giving life and vitality to your ministry. With margin and less direct oversight, you get to move into areas that are pertinent to your gifting. It also allows you to get a stronger perspective on the overall picture and health of your ministry.


     2.  Continued Relevance to Culture /Younger in Leadership.

One of my biggest realizations in the last few years is my inability to stay cultural relevant and young in my mindset. Alone, it is a struggle. Yet, when I invest in the next generation of leaders, I am inundated with fresh ideas and perspective. I learn so much about the future needs of people as we lead these young leaders into the next generation of local church work. It is challenging and exciting but it is well worth the journey.


     3.  Relationship with those Above, Below and your Peers.

It is really amazing when you realize that you are leading up, below and those on the same level. It is an attitude of empowerment and giving that permeates other areas of ministry and leadership. It must begin with you if you want others to emulate this across the ministry. Everyone is valued, contributing, recognized and valued.


Giving away ministry costs. Those investments develop great returns. The X factor is you. Are you willing to pay the price so others can ascend the hill of ministry? Next week will be the last installment and will have practical steps for you to begin your transitional journey.


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